Five years have gone by, Little One. Grief is small and quiet now, tamed.

I remember that it hurt but not how it hurt.

Visions of your days– your death, your birth, the in-between– come to me

Every day. I still feel you, tucked in my heart.


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grief in pictures

A few months ago, I made a little book of water colors. An abstract children’s book about grief. I picture it as a board book, each page spread a new, bright, glossy watercolor, with a simple line of text below. The color saturation here doesn’t quite do it justice, but here it is…

page 1.JPG

Death, when it comes, cracks everything open.

page 2.JPG

There is a sharp divide: Before. After.

page 3.jpg

All life becomes fragile.

page 4.JPG

Grief covers everything in thick waves.

page 5.JPG

It has many colors.

page 6.JPG

Sometimes it feels like drowning.

page 7.JPG

There is loneliness. The absence of you.

page 8.JPG


page 9.jpg


Love remains.

© Burning Eye