An album for Joseph’s first stillbirthday


A friend in France lit this candle for Joseph and took a photo of it. Such a simple gesture means so much, to know that she was thinking of us and our little boy.

For Joseph’s first stillbirthday, December 27th, 2013, we are going to make a photo album in his memory. We have asked friends and family to join us this month in remembering our son by lighting a candle or writing his name, taking a digital photo of it, and emailing it to us. We plan to collect these photos into an album, in order to create another tangible trace of Joseph in our lives.


If you have some connection to our family, we invite you to join us. The photo can be as simple as a lit candle, or Joseph’s name written on a plain card in your handwriting. Or, as we sometimes have done, you could leave his name someplace you visit this month—in the sand, or spelled out with leaves or petals or stones. We’ve seen other parents color or paint or collage their baby’s name.  Thank you for helping us to honor Joseph’s life and memory, a year after he died.


Please email us the photo you take by the New Year. thethingsimmadeof at gmail dot com



One thought on “An album for Joseph’s first stillbirthday

  1. What a beautiful tribute to Joseph.

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