under my ribs

Every few days I feel you moving

pushing just under my right ribs

the gentle pressure of your feet or knee or head



Yet you aren’t there.


Four months pregnant,

I know it is not this baby.

This little one,

the size of the palm of my hand,

lacks your strength,

and still dwells much too low down

to brush against my ribs

or touch my heart.


Ten months gone

but now you are back.

A ghost nudge,

as if to say

don’t forget me.


© Burning Eye


3 thoughts on “under my ribs

  1. I cannot imagine this, you are so brave. I am still so afraid, too afraid to try. Its much too soon, the loss of her too raw. Im so sorry, the crossroad of joy and sorrow isn’t easy. May you transition through this smoothly for both your beautiful babies.

  2. Juliet says:

    This is making me cry (both times I read it). Peregrine was so small that he didn’t push against my ribs, but I miss having him in me so much.

  3. Sometimes I still feel her nudge, even now after her brother has come and gone from her space. I’m reading a book now called Shadow Child; her shadow inhabits so many spaces.

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