There’s a flower in my chest


There’s a flower in my chest that wilts when I hear someone else is pregnant or has a new baby.



5 thoughts on “There’s a flower in my chest

  1. Juliet says:

    Yes. My thoughtful friend who, were there such a prize, would win the “most there for me through all of this” prize, found out she was pregnant the day of my son’s burial. She waited to tell me (and everyone else) until she was three months. I spent a day thinking about it, and worrying that I would lose her as a confidant, then realized that she has known for about two months and still been the prize-winner friend, and that I could never begrudge her anything. In spite of how scary this could make her, she keep showing up for me. That said, everyone else can suck it.

  2. Whatever is in my chest is far less pretty than a flower….

  3. Kelly says:

    Ha ha – I’m with alwaysmy3boys 🙂

    I started a new job 5 weeks ago. Only one person there knows about my daughter. Yesterday, a woman that I don’t work closely with at my new job had a baby girl. I wilted when I got the email, and then felt like such a terrible person for feeling that way. I have two more coworkers pregnant now. UGH.

    • Burning Eye says:

      One of the hazards of working in an elementary school is that other women are always pregnant and having babies. They’re everywhere. It’s hard, this mix of fear, jealousy, hope, cautious optimism.

  4. Naomi says:

    It was interesting to me that even after I was pregnant with our “subsequent baby,” I still felt jealous and unkind thoughts toward visibly big pregnant women and women with babies. It wasn’t until I was big again myself that that subsided. I kept telling myself, “there aren’t two teams…” but easier said than really believed. At the suggestion of a book I was reading, I tried to take it as an opportunity to review the truth that there is no law of the universe that says that everyone gets the same (I still do) and that was somewhat helpful, in a painful but very grounded sort of way.

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