Today my writing is at Glow in the Woods. I am so, so honored that they are publishing a piece I wrote about Death today. If you haven’t been over to Glow yet, please visit their site–it is an incredible community for the babylost, and I would be doubly lost without it.

This is a sketch I did of Death, after the conversation referenced in my post on Glow. I’ve done several now, but she’s my favorite one. There’s something in her face I accidentally got just right and can’t seem to capture again.



3 thoughts on “Death

  1. Lisa says:

    Your words are so hauntingly beautiful and painfully familiar. Than you for sharing them with us. ❤

  2. Monique says:

    I’m just so sorry that Joseph isn’t here. I thought your piece on Glow was beautiful. It reminded me of the early days, sometimes I like to think of those weeks and months and other times, I like to forget that raw, aching pain. But I know you’re in the thick of it right now and for that, I’m sorry.

  3. what an incredibly raw and touching piece on Glow in the Woods. before i had little sun, i dreamt that i met death…the grim reaper archetype, faceless and wearing a black cowl. he reached through me and then he morphed into a woman, and the female incarnation of death was like some kind of earth mother, reaching out calmly as if to take something from deep inside of me. maybe A is right.

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