Every Morning

a love poem for Joseph…


I sang to you every morning.



rubbed circles of lotion into my belly,

caressed my belly,

held it,

hugged it,

rested my hands on it,

gazed at it,

watched my profile in the mirror



I showed you off even though you weren’t even born.



fed you

cheese quesadillas,



ice cream,

peanut butter and jelly,

Philly cheese steaks,

rotisserie chickens and


mashed potatoes,

baked potatoes,

roasted potatoes.


I measured you against a list of fruits and vegetables of increasing size.



talked to you

in Spanish,

hugged you,

held you,

poked you,

pressed your

bottom or

feet or


waited for you to

kick and

wiggle and

turn and

try to escape from my belly,

pushing out sideways up near my ribs.


I cradled you in one arm at night as I fell asleep.


And I sang to you every morning.


© Burning Eye


2 thoughts on “Every Morning

  1. This is the first time I have seen verse as this…how wonderful.

  2. afteriris says:


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